It’s always a struggle trying to get your toddler to feed themselves, not because they’re unable to use hand-eye coordination to put the food to their mouth, but because they are unable to hold their cutlery correctly and pick the food up (I always end up having to help as the food falls off the fork!)

Doddl creates innovative and functional products that help children eat independently, which can be hard for us parents to realise our babies don’t need us as much, but you feel so proud when they learn and reach new milestones and we all know our children just love to copy mummy and daddy!

However, since using Doddl, mealtimes have never been easier! I’m not finding my own meal going cold from having to help Margot pick each piece of food up every five minutes!

Doddl‘s cutlery sets are designed for little hands! They make it so easy for little people to grip easily by encouraging pincer grip development, therefore keeping mealtimes easy and their food eaten efficiently! The forks are effective at spearing food (tried, tested and 100% agree!), their ergonomic handle supports hand and wrist and they are also made from food safe stainless steel.

The knife that comes in the set is simply amazing! The clever, serrated blade safely chops food which means not only is it safe for children, it cuts the food properly which in turn makes it easy for them to learn how to use it, so they can cut their food correctly, THEN use their fork to pick up the pieces and feed themselves! Win, Win! No more cold meals for mama!

Thank you Doddl!

*pr sample