Staying home to get a break from working life is a thing of the past, staring at the same walls, enclosed in your house is a thing of the present so where do you find that work/life balance? It’s so easy to get into the habit of getting up, turning your laptop on and starting work; still in your PJs. At what point do you realise you need to set aside some time to clear your mind, create a space in which you can relax and spend time doing something for you?

Recently, I decided what I needed was some downtime every evening, after a day of work, once the girls were fast asleep in bed I needed time to focus on something that wouldn’t take too much brainpower and drain me even more, but something relaxing that I enjoyed and would refresh my brain ready for the next day. I made sure the living room was tidy after an eventful day of the kids playing, wax melt burning and create my space to relax on my comfy sofa whilst having the space I needed.

Craft and Create┬ákindly sent me a craft package, I’ve always been creative and love getting crafty I just never set aside some time and follow through with my plans. However, I’m so glad I now have! I received a Candle Making Kit (Christmas scented – you can’t get much better than that can you), and a Macrame Bunting Kit. I’ve always loved Macrame but never thought I’d be able to do it myself; I’m usually the drawing/painting type crafter but I didn’t realise how satisfying and relaxing it would be to create the beautiful Macrame knots and create my own bunting!

2020 has made us realise frequent down-time and space to clear your mind is much needed, we have found ourselves not getting out as often, not socialising like we are used to and having more time with our thoughts; which can sometimes be a negative thing. Setting time aside for ‘me-time’, has helped me so much, not only has it helped me to relax every evening, it makes me feel proud to have crafted new things that I can decorate my home with. I love how simple but effective the Candle Making Kit was especially, and this would make such a lovely Handmade Christmas Gift.

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